Is the government terrified that it’s losing the argument?

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I have just had my attention drawn to this Tweet:

Sarah Vine is, of course, a Daily Mail columnist. And she is the wife of Michael Gove: hence her rather weird (if I might say so) twitter name which does, I think, permit me to make an association I might not otherwise think it appropriate to draw attention to.

Had she read my reasoning and concern for Johnson implicit in it? I doubt it.

Had she thought about the reaction to her claim that the second reply to her tweet induced:






Or do I instead think that she had ignored the favours her own family were also enjoying, oblivious to the privilege?

Actually, I simply doubt that the exceptionalism implicit in her comment occurred to her.

Instead I think that her tweet is about something else altogether, which is that the government is now really worried that it is becoming apparent that their policies are failing very badly, and the attack dogs (of whom Vine is one) are being unleashed.

They do not offer reason, as I did, for their commentary. They just want to suggest that I am a 'very nasty man',  ignoring the fact that I am actually someone who cares about Johnson's health; who cares about the health of others; who cares about the rule of law, and who thinks that maybe the PM would be wise to follow his government's own advice if he wants everyone else to do so, as I would really rather that they did.

And let's forget the claim that the flat at No.11 is not suitable for recovery. It's the PM's home, for heaven's sake, and vastly better I am quite sure than that in which most people in this country live.

Do I feel like 'dick of the day' for making a sound argument in that case? No, not in the slightest.

But I am worried that we have a government that is very clearly out of control.