Heeding advice

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I admit that quite a number of people have written to me over the last few days urging me to slow down and take a rest. Over the last fortnight, since Rishi Sunak’s disastrous budget performance on 11 March I have felt unable to do that. The crisis we are facing compelled me to write even though I am sure I have had coronavirus during this period.

Things have now changed. I suspect we have heard the last of new measures for the moment. The focus will now turn to the NHS and care for those who are ill, and those who will grieve as a result of losing loved ones. I have massive personal empathy for everyone in that situation, but it is not the subject of this blog.

So, I might take note of the requests that have been for the next few days. I am not saying I will not blog. I am not good at completely stopping. Asking me not to write is like asking me not to breathe. But I intend to slow down, a lot. And I will only moderate occasionally, whilst to be blunt, I will simply be deleting those who come here for a fight: I have not got the energy for that right now.

I will not stop thinking of course: even if I do other activities I never seem able to turn my brain off. But my focus is now on the PCC: the Post-Coronavirus Consensus. This will take some time away from immediate issues to develop thoughts upon. I’ll be sharing them here as they emerge, I promise you, but maybe not this weekend.