If you want to understand why shutting down makes sense

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As I have already noted this morning, what we and so many other countries are doing at present is unprecedented. We are not facing a recession, or a war. We are instead deliberately trying to close our economy down. This is the complete antithesis of everything that governments that are usually obsessed with growth have literally ever wanted to do before.

The response from many to this truly exceptional situation is confusing, Unfortunately, nowhere is that more apparent than in the reaction of the UK government, which is flailing badly. So an explanation for the required action is needed.

The best I have found is here. It is an article called ‘The Hammer and the Dance’. It is by Tomas Pueyo. And it may be a few days old now - which currently feels like a lifetime - but on a second reading today it remains as relevant as when I read it a few days ago. If you have some time on your hands, I recommend a read.