Each UK hospital has been, on average, doing just over one coronavirus test a day so far this week

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I tweeted this last night:

There are 1,257 hospitals in the UK. Yesterday they did 1,500 coronavirus tests between them. That is just over one each. Is there anyone who can honestly think that means the government is taking all reasonable steps to contain this virus? Please retweet if you think not.

It does appear that this is getting quite a lot of retweets, in which case I think it appropriate to record my sources.

The BBC provided the data on the number of tests being undertaken.

This is the source of the hospital data. I recognise that this might overstate the number that will ever undertake coronavirus testing, but of the available sources it appeared to be one of the most comprehensive.

Whichever way looked at, the fact that on average hospitals have been undertaking only a little over a test per day each is staggering given the number of people admitted to hospital each day in the UK with respiratory illnesses, almost all of whom must have been considered at least potential coronavirus cases, and all of whom should have been tested as a result.

Epidemiologists say that extensive testing is the best way to beat coronavirus. The U.K. has completely failed to deliver it. And that was a choice.