Every worker needs immediate access to sick pay during a pandemic

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The TUC has issued this appeal for support for workers who will suffer financial penalties for self isolating for coronavirus picking up a theme I first addressed last week. I think signing is a simple necessity:

As the coronavirus spreads, millions of workers could have to go into quarantine or self-isolation to prevent the further spread of the virus.

But nearly 2 million UK workers do not qualify for statutory sick pay, including 1 in 10 working women and 23% of zero-hours contract workers. No one should worry about falling into debt or struggling to pay their bills when they’re ill or have to self-isolate.

The government must:

  • Give every worker the right to statutory sick pay from the first day of absence
  • Scrap the minimum earnings threshold for statutory sick pay
  • Ensure that sick pay is paid to workers having to self-isolate

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to resolve the inequality of sick pay.

If thousands of us make our voice heard, the government will have to act