Hong Kong is putting money aside to compensate those hit by coronavirus: the UK will need to do the same

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I noted yesterday the problems that might arise if people were not compensated for self-isolating to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Then I saw that Hong Kong Shares my opinion and has put aside billions  at least in part for this purpose. As the Hong Kong Free Press (whose claim to that title I cannot judge) has reported:

The Hong Kong government has set up a HK$25 billion fund to alleviate economic hardships resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.

At a press conference on Friday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam unveiled subsidies to support the public health sector, the underprivileged and industries affected most by the SARS-like disease. The electronic monitoring systems for those under home-quarantine will be upgraded, whilst 200,000 low-income families will benefit from grants of HK$5,000. Students, meanwhile, will be eligible for grants of HK$2,500 to HK$3,500.

There are many reasons to be concerned about the state of government and governance in Hong Kong, but this is innovative thinking.

Other governments will need to take note.