The Tory manifesto treats the environment as an inconsequential irritation

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I checked the Conservative Party website to see what they were saying in their manifesto on envirnmental issues. This is it:


  •  We have pledged to reach net-zero by 2050 by building on our superb global reputation for action to protect the environment and tackle climate change.  

  •  Today we are announcing a ban on exporting plastic waste outside the OECD, to reduce the environmental impact on the oceans as well as developing countries which do not have the capacity to handle it properly.

  •  The manifesto confirms our new Office for Environmental Protection, and our own legal targets, including for air quality.

Seriously: that is all they have to say as their headlines on the issue.

No Green New Deal.

No investment.

No infrastructure.

No changes to transport.

Just boasts, plastic recycling and air quality issues.

It’s as if we’re in 2005, and the only issues are minor irritations that a regaiultion or two can change.

On the biggest issue of our time; the quite literal existential crisis that we all face, the party that seeks power can only boast about its record, which helped get us in to the mess we are in and offer inconsequential change in the overall scheme of things.

If anything makes these people unfit for office, this does.