The toxic stain of Johnson

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I am revolted by Boris Johnson.

I was disgusted. But that’s too good a term now. Revulsion will do.

I stress that this is not party political. To be honest, you could say it’s not political at all. The sentiment is based on the fact that he fails every test of decency, integrity and empathy that anyone in a position of authority, anywhere, should be able to pass. 

Worse though, he chooses to fail.

But, and here I am consciously agreeing with the Labour leadership, this is not the moment for a vote of no confidence that would lead to a general election, even though his uncouth and callous behaviour is clearly intended to build the foundation for what will be an ugly campaign. That’s not to say that the time for that will not come: it very obviously will. But waiting is right.

Johnson’s foul politics have a purpose, and that is to secure a No Deal Brexit. And for some his tactics are working: I overheard a coupe talking yesterday, and they thought his performance ‘amazing’, in a positive sense.

The greater good must be to prevent No Deal. I am not saying any deal. I am saying No Deal. I still suspect a deal will be what happens, even if I think Remain is the only acceptable option. 

So, the combined opposition has to stay calm, and collected, by which I mean united. The way to beat Johnson is to make him fail. He cannot deliver No Deal. It will not happen: of that I remain sure because I am certain that come what may the EU will grant us an extension because they will not want to be seen to be the party to force Brexit. Johnson said he would deliver. When he does not the bubble is burst.

In the face of the most toxic person to hold high public office in living memory in this country patience is required. And patience will consign him to history. Even if it will take a lot longer for his toxic stain to be erased.