This is not the time to give up

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I was told by an academic I respect that they’d had enough of Brexit yesterday. It was too difficult to watch the country being torn apart by incompetent people to continue monitoring the detail, they suggested. There were better things to do with life.

I understand the sentiment.

I also understand on that basis why some just want Brexit done. 

But the person making the comment and those just wanting Brexit done are not engaged with the process. That is not a statement attributing fault, let alone blame. It is always true that the vast majority of people will not engage with any political process. Those who do are always a minority. And progress does, then, depend in the minority. I find myself in it, which is never an uncommon feeling for me.

I am glad to not be alone though.

I am pleased that my own little city (because Ely is a city that is run by a parish council) has a meeting of those wanting to protest at No Deal tomorrow.

I am pleased that on social media there are those willing to stand up against the far-right trolls. For many that requires out of the ordinary courage.

I am pleased some politicians reveal that conviction still matters, even at Westminster.

I am encouraged by signs of clear cross party working on the timing of a general election.

I remain, even if ever so slightly, hopeful that this might be the foundation of greater cooperation if that is required in the national interest. 

And I have to hope that the sheer incompetence of Johnson has been noted, even if a diehard fan base will remain. 

This issue has a long way to go. The fatigue will grow.

But those of us who believe that all in this country deserve the best available to them have to stick to the issues and fight for sanity to prevail, on Brexit and more widely.

This is not the time to give up.