Is Cummings as clever as he thinks?

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I was having a discussion with someone yesterday, who shall remain nameless, who I would consider a shrewd political thinker.We were discussing the events of the last twenty-four hours or so and considering whether or not Johnson and Cummings (BoriDom as I now think of them) had played a shrewd hand. The answer was no.

We agreed they have to have been planning an election: every economic indicator suggests we’re going downhill from here, Brexit or not. In that case of course they want an election before the proverbial hits the fan. And Brexit would only exacerbate that. Anyone wanting a long term career as PM would want one now to get settled in for the long term before a crash happens. So we can dismiss all the bluster to contrary.

But in that case their splitting their own party is a big mistake. Some of those now not Tory MPs will be put up as Tory candidates anyway. That’s a massive gift to the Opposition. BoriDom got this badly wrong. They should have been buttering those opponents up, not deliberately alienating them.

And if they were so smart they would not have been briefing a mid-October election from the weekend onwards. Instead, they should have waited to let Corbyn call for one on Tuesday night after winning the first vote defeating the government when Johnson could have agreed he could have one. That way Corbyn would have had no way out. But instead they gifted control to Corbyn, and have no majority of their own left.

And if they really wanted a deal they’d at least be saying something about it. But they’re not, and so look hopeless.

The only obvious conclusion is that BoriDom is actually seriously out of control. And why? Because they are so arrogant that they think all their opponents are idiots and that none of them can gameplay. And as a result they’re losing the game - as Tuesday night, last night and PMQs (where Corbyn did well and Blackford did better) prove.

Long may it continue.