One angry 17 year old

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It's the start of term. And wet. And my son had left his bike at the station. So he asked me if I'd take him to the station so that he could get into college in Cambridge on time, which I admit I do not do very often. And I agreed.

My reward was a tirade about how unjust it is that he, as a 17-year-old with a lifetime of living with Brexit ahead of him, will not get the vote at a general election that will decide that issue.

And he's right. Of course, I'm biased about him: that's a father's duty. But I'm not about his friends. And he, and they, are more than capable of making an informed decision on what they want from a government, and their future.

It's a farce that they will be denied a vote on an issue so important for them.

I'll add it to the list of long-overdue electoral reforms that a new government must deal with.