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It’s been a depressing few days.

Trump seems determined to promote the most base form of racism that is bound to create a backlash for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

And in reaction to my sharing parts of John Harris’ article in the Guardian on Labour I have received some pretty nasty emails from those claiming to be Corbyn supporters within Labour and who claim to share with him the fight against Zionism made possible because Hitler apparently killed the wrong type of Jews, so permitting the deliberate creation of the terrorist state of Israel. This, of course, is from the fantasy world Ken Livingstone resides in. But it emphatically proves how massive the anti-Semitism problem is in Labour, and how enormous the scale of denial of it is.

I just want to make it clear that I am utterly opposed to all racism, including all sorts that require Hitler to be used in its defence.  I will delete all racist comments. And I will no longer engage in emails with racists from any party. So please don’t try.

And please don’t tell me a fascist because I think Labour  has a problem to address. I am not a fascist, and it does have a problem. But the claim says a great deal about the intolerance of those making it. Just as Trump’s comments make clear how profound the threat from overt public racism now is around the world.

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