Things Theresa May did not understand

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I posted this tweet this morning:

Things Theresa May did not understand.

The 99%



Making ends meet

England outside the south-east

Anyone who disliked Tories






Working in anything but finance


I could elaborate. You can add or delete. But does it make much difference? The point is our political system delivered us a prime minister wholly unsuited to the task.

Very soon it will deliver another equally unsuited.

May failed. That’s unsurprising. Most prime ministers do. But her failings were even greater than Cameron’s and make Gordon Brown look like a considerable success. And that pattern is important. What it says is that the system deliverered her failure. It ensured someone so unsuitable could have the job.

We need electoral reform and we need it urgently. Then we might have the plurality that may attract more rounded and reasonable people to politics.

Right now there is no chance of that.

We have to live in hope.