Does politics matter?

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An old friend wrote to me this morning, and said:

I increasingly worry less and less about politics and politicians, and what they decide, as it generally seems to make little difference.

I found that fascinating: we got to know each other through mutual political interests, although, as I have noted, a long time ago.

It’s clear our paths have been very different. He added:

I find the theatre more interesting than the outcomes nowadays. Best to sit on the sidelines and enjoy it rather than having any misheld belief that I can influence, or want to influence, anything.

Do I think he’s right? No. But I’m aware he is in the majority.

And that’s why Farage happens, time after time, I think.

And does that matter? I think you know the answer to that. It does, after all,  only take a good person to sit by and the rest follows.