What in God’s name?

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As the Guardian reported yesterday;

Mourners at the funeral of Lyra McKee have implored politicians to turn the journalist’s murder into a turning point for Northern Ireland.

Clerics, friends and relatives of McKee issued blunt, impassioned appeals to Theresa May and other party leaders who attended the service in Belfast’s St Anne’s Cathedral on Wednesday, urging them to convert the shock at her killing into a transformative moment.

“Why in God’s name does it take the death of a 29-year-old woman with her whole life in front of her to get us to this point?” said Fr Martin Magill, addressing a congregation which included a rare gathering of all Northern Ireland’s main political players. His rebuke electrified the service.

The priest got a standing ovation. It started amongst those who were not politicians. The politicians took a long time to realise that they had no choice but join in. I suppose that this does at least suggest that they knew the rebuke was to them.

And the question was fair. What in God’s name does it take to effect change in a political class who have lost touch with the world? I wish I knew. I fear Fr Magill will not get his answer as yet.

in the meantime my sympathy to those who mourn Lye McKee.

And to all who ask the questions that she sought answers to.