Canada wants a Green New Deal

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I noted the piece I quote on this page with interest. My interest is threefold. Of course part is personal: for a large part of the last decade Collin Hines and I wrote most of what was published on the Green New Deal, and I kept its website going.  I am bound to be pleased that the effort involved has led to international support.

Another part is to note that Canada is simply repeating the patterns found elsewhere: climate consciousness has finally crashed into popular thinking.

And third? That’s to note that the tax issue is a sideline: it’s not the tax the wealthy will pay that will fund the Green New Deal. What will make the GND possible is the necessary change in their behaviour which sets a pattern for others to copy that is deeply destructive.

And this is what I am referring to:

A new poll shows that the majority of Canadians want a Green New Deal to address the global climate crisis and economic injustice, as a youth-led campaign kicks off in the North American country to demand just that.

Ottawa-based polling firm Abacus Data asked 2,000 Canadians whether they support or oppose "a massive government jobs program and investment in clean energy, green technology, and electrification" that "would aim to move Canada to 100 percent clean energy by 2030 and make it so Canada produces and consumes the same amount of carbon emissions by 2050."

Sixty-one percent of respondents said they support or somewhat support the proposal, recently popularized by a growing grassroots movement in the United States and progressive Democrats in the U.S. Congress. When pollsters asked Canadians if they would back a deal that "required corporations and the wealthy to pay higher taxes," support for the proposal shot up to 66 percent.

Now they need to take action to get it.