The 2020s: the decade of the Green New Deal?

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I have already commented on creating narratives this morning. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been doing that in this film. I do not apologise for sharing it.

The presentation may grate a bit: it is very American.

It may seem irritatingly optimistic.

Some policy detail may not seem necessary: why not a universal basic income if people no longer need to make ‘stuff’ we do not need?

But I think exercise like this are worthwhile. We change the world by the stories we tell. And we all tell stories, all the time. So why not one of political hope? We desperately need just that at present.

The world we live on is under threat: our chance of survival here is far from guaranteed. But we are told by those with the best available knowledge that we can still improve those odds.

And the simple fact is that money is no obstacle to achieving that goal: all the money we need to deliver the process of change is available without limit if we want it. It won’t even create inflation if spending it puts resources to use.

So I share this video because it is a message of hope. We need a decade of the Green New Deal in the US in the 2020s. We need it here too, and around the world as well. We have to believe it possible. The alternative is thinking it impossible. And that would be to admit failure for all the generations to come, without exception, because many might  not even exist.

So tell the story: this is a story we have to tell. There is no other.