Resilient narratives

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I had a fascinating evening yesterday. I attended an event at the Young Vic in London where a number of economists, environmentalists, activists and others with engagement with sustainability explained their work to an audience of professional people engaged in the performing arts. I suspect there will be those who might think that, as wastes of time go, might be high on their list, but I suspect they are the people who question the value of most art unless it has an immediate cash value. It felt very worthwhile as a participant.

What we shared in common - without exception - was a concern with story telling. The quest was for ways of creating narratives that might persuade people to make the story of our transforming planet their own. Whether that be through the food they eat; the place that they live; the story of the company where they work or the finance that makes their lives possible (Frances Coppola’s valuable contribution); each is a narrative to be owned. 

How this reaches out is as yet not clear to me. That it can seems to  be vital to me: it is only when people own this story as their own that the resilient society we need will be created. And I must admit partaking in such discussion is one of the occasional pleasures of my work.