Looking out of the window

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I don’t believe our Brexit stress is over.

I don’t believe a deal is in sight.

I don’t think Parliament has a clue what to do yet.

I am not sure that this Parliament ever will have that clue.

I doubt that the current front bench talks will lead to anything.

I suspect the can has to suffer more kicking yet.

I do hope the European elections will send a very clear message - at least to the Tories that they have got things terribly wrong.

But one things I do know is that I am very tired. I’d like a break. I won’t be getting much over Easter - June is my next best chance - but I may only do some light blogging for the next day or three.

I managed to get an hour or so just sitting and thinking yesterday, albeit about a new book. And I’d like to do a bit more of that. So I hope you’ll forgive there being not much more said this morning.