Larry, the Number 10’s Cat’s Call

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This was posted by Nigel Mace on the blog this morning. I felt it worth sharing more widely:

Ah… the hapless Larry! I believe that he really gave up when Maybot held that ill-starred election. Actually, he told me so in what I recorded as a….. “CAT’S CALL”

" ‘Twas with Easter but an ember, as a cat can well remember,
I was prowling Downing Street in feline pride,
when my whiskers went a flutter, as the Press from ‘Fleet Street’s’ gutter
nearly trod on me as ‘Maybot’ stomped outside.
As her mike began to sputter, I yawned, to hear this nutter,
screech of ‘Brexit’, “strong and stable” ’neath her sway.
Cats can tell a brainless floosie — we’re notoriously choosy —
and the butler feeds me, PM’s seldom stay. ”

Of the House, though not a Member, Larry’s watched parties dismember
broken PMs like ‘off’ chicken cast aside,
so I wondered if some butter, on his paws could make him utter
a revised opinion now ‘She’s’ back inside.
“Inside!” his purrs became a splutter, “that’s where they should have shut her,
for the frittering of ‘Brexit’ time away.
That the lady’s now gone schmoozy with those bigots make me woozy.”
He stretched. “Wake me — when you’re sure she’s gone away.”