Elections, anyone?

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Theresa May offered to quite last night. And the Tories said ‘thank you very much, but we’ll ignore all the conditions you attached to the offer’. Rarely has the powerlessness of a prime minister at the end of her tether been so effectively highlighted. There is literally nothing that May can now do. And there is no chance her deal will be approved unless a People’s Vote, that would surely reject it, is thrown into the mix. But, still she  remains at least nominally in office.

And the indicative votes have not as yet delivered a result, although there are signs that they might.

And the click ticks.

So, what is there to do? I can only see one way through. It is this.

First, May’s deal is amended to include the requirement of a People’s Vote to approve it. The alternative in that vote would be Remain. People could then vote for Brexit. Labour would abstain to permit this.

Second, May asks for a long extension on Article 50.

Third, May calls a general election.

Fourth, we hold EU parliament elections the same day as the general election. That saves cost.

Fifth, we have the referendum on the deal the same day. That sets the mandate for the new government.

Sixth, a new parliament tries to resolve the mess we are in, come what may. Because, come what may, that is what we have.

I know that’s a mega polling day. So what? That’s what we have come to. And better to get it done. And people really can handle such things. And this way we move on.

Anyone got a better idea?