The Green New Deal Bill

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Caroline Lucas MP and Labour's Clive Lewis MP tabled this Bill in the House of Commons this morning:

Decarbonisation and Economic Strategy Bill

Caroline Lucas

Bill to place duties on the Secretary of State to decarbonise the United Kingdom economy and to eradicate inequality; to establish a ten-year economic and public investment strategy that prioritises decarbonisation, community and employee-led transition from high-carbon to low and zero-carbon industry, and the eradication of inequality; to require the Government to report on its adherence to the strategy; to establish higher environmental standards for air, water and green spaces; to make provision to protect and restore natural habitats; and for connected purposes.

Apparently they wanted to call it a Green New Deal Bill but weren't permitted to do so. But that's what it is.

It is just a placeholder at present; a statement of intent if you like. But symbolism matters, and no such Bill has been tabled before now. In all the current confusion it is good to see some MPs are still thinking about the big issues.