Watch Bercow: only he can let us decide

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There is much naming and blaming in the Sunday papers today. But it’s to no avail now. We all know who lied. As much as we also know who is only in Brexit for themselves now. We’re past blaming, at least for the time being.

We are past stats too. 4.8 million signatures; 1 million marchers and 200 with Farage says it all on that issue. Enough minds have changed. That debate is over.

What we need now is action. From MPs. This week.

Meaningful vote 3 has to fail.

May has to be removed from office.

Parliament has to be given a choice that can lead - even if it requires alternative voting - to a decision.

What will they decide?

We know it will not be May.

And we know it will not be No Deal.

I don’t see a general election as being on offer.

I can see a second referendum.

I can see the need to determine the leave option, which would have to be offered.

And I can see that being Norway+ (please look it up).

I also can see a two-stage vote. Revoke, Norway+ and No Deal in Stage 1. Then the top 2 in stage 2, a week later. This is French Presidential style voting.

No, we have had nothing like that before. But we have not been anywhere like this before.

And do I think unconventional outcomes possible as a result?

Yes, I do. Why? Because Bercow knows parliament does not want to crash out and does not want May. So he will do all he can to let parliament decide. This is what taking back control means. It means parliament decides.

So the only question to ask is ‘what will Bercow do?’

I suggest he will allow inductive votes that have the intention of delivering a decision.

I think he will let emergency legislation to deliver the will of parliament to be delivered, whoever tables it.

And he will not suffer opposition from a government so far from office that its only function is to be an obstacle to progress.

I do think May will go.

I do think we will get a power-sharing, and possibly national emergency government, led by people who will in all likelihood only ever serve this one time.

I do think April 12 will pass without us leaving.

Because I do think we will begin to see plans emerging by next weekend, and be finalised the week after.

And I do think we will vote again.

And we will have to be bound by the vote. Come what may this time.

I do not know what the vote will be.

I do know it could be leave.

I doubt it. I suspect it will be a Norway style deal. And that this will let us leave the international stage for many years to reorganise the nation (literally), our politics, our international relations and much else.

But we will decide. Because in the end we must.

And I remain of the view that Bercow alone can deliver this.


PS: Bercow, as I learned last week, is the one politician who continental Europe thinks has come emphatically well out of all this.