Living in hope

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I wrote this in June 2016 before the referendum, specifically anticipating what might happen in then event of a failure to agree terms during an Article 50 negotiation, which I expected would happen. In that case I said:

I would love to think that a coalition dedicated to these things might be elected:

  • Electoral reform
  • House of Lords reform
  • EU readmission on revised terms
  • A national economic plan.

This government should, I suggest, seek a mandate for no more than two years.  Then there would be new elections and a referendum on the terms for re-admission to the EU.

It is my hope that by then the EU may also have realised reform is essential and that changes in the free movement of people and capital and the use of People!s QE to fund infrastructure would have all been possible. I have to live in hope, but the circumstances for change could have been created by Brexit.

And only after that election would three things happen.

First, the return of more normal politics.

Second,  economic recovery.

And third the resolution of issues like Scotland's membership of the UK, or not.

Of course none of this may happen. Most particularly the opposition parties may not cooperate with each other. But shame on them if they don't. We face a crisis that need not have happened now but which has been waiting in the wings for the opportunity to arise for some time. Unless opportunity is taken from that crisis our prospects are very grim indeed. As I say, I live in hope.

I still live in hope.

I also wish my prediction had been wrong.