Will Labour get their new-found faith in a People’s Vote seriously wrong?

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According to many sources:

Labour is moving towards a compromise plan that would allow Theresa May’s Brexit deal to pass but make clear that parliament “withholds support” until it has been put to a public vote, according to multiple party sources.

Three thoughts. First, the last shows just how fractured political briefing now is. Just because someone in a party says something does not mean it can be relied upon. Multiple sources are required.

Second, if this briefing is true then May gets her deal, after all. Her dogged persistence pays. And Labour is choosing to share the flak for it. Which means it, with the Tories, will share the post deal despair that will descend after we have left, which could drive politics in untold directions, but which will certainly drive Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the Union.

And third, what question will be put to the British people? Is it May’s deal or Remain? I could live with that. Will No Deal still be required as an option? Will the ERG get their way on that? Or will it be  a three way vote, which guarantees the May compromise wins without a majority? Might it even be a French style two stage vote? Pick between three the first weekend and then the best two the next weekend? There is sense in that.

This third point is serious. If the Brexit negotiations have been anything they have been evidence that failing to sequence negotiations correctly is disastrous. Unless Labour sorts out what vote it will get before doing a deal to let May have her way they will have fallen into the same trap and may well find they have guaranteed that the outcome is a No Deal v May’s deal vote, which should not be on their supposed table.

Given precedent I strongly expect Labour will get things wrong.