The Brexit choices – in a nutshell

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The Brexit choice seems to be coming down to three things, at least in England.

We can save the dysfunctional Conservative Party.

Or we can save the dysfunctional Labour Party.

Or we can save the country from becoming dysfunctional.

It may be the first two are just one option in reality.

My fear is we will save dysfunctional politics.

Which is not a call for some new centre party. Or indication of a desire for a fudge. My radical edge remains well and truly intact. I have no desire for some centre ground coalition to perpetuate managerial austerity. That’s not at all where I am.

But nor do I wish to see parties so removed from the interests of the people of this country, and in one case from its membership, running it.

But they are.

And that’s the crisis we are in.

And which looks like the crisis in which we will remain.