The wind down begins

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The working year is nearly over. That is already showing in daily blog traffic. Many of you read this at work, it seems. And I am, like others, beginning to wrap up loose ends whilst laying foundations for the New Year.

I confess that as a consequence my enthusiasm for commenting on the daily events of tax, economic and accounting life has almost expired. In between thinking about the mundane necessities that fall to a parent in the run-up to Christmas, I am feeling more reflective. If I get time I hope to muse a little more widely over the holiday period.

I will keep the negativity - and there is ample of that to be found - until the New Year is in sight. This moment is about something else.

Firstly it’s about taking a rest. I confess I am exhausted as Christmas approaches. A great deal has been done and after a period when I was frustrated by an absence of apparent progress in my work a lot of good things seem underway.

The work I have been doing with Andrew Baker on tax spillovers is published in the new year.

As is a new report on the EU tax gap, including suggested new approaches.

Six book chapters are underway; three of them are already peer-reviewed.

Another four journal papers are likely next year.

And new projects are developing.

This blog will exceed 2016 traffic levels, but not 2017. That's a first, in not exceeding the previous year.  But that's OK: we did not have a general election in 2018 and that was what generated the additional 2017 traffic.

Let's leave Brexit aside. You're bored with it. And it can wait for a 2019 reflection.

Modern monetary theory and Scotland were the most popular themes of 2018 here. Tax and accounting, less so.

There's been a lot of hard work. And by sometime tomorrow I might try some rest. It's not my greatest skill, but I think I need to try a bit.

In the meantime, there will be blogs, but as I say, not (I hope) on the standard themes. This is a time for considering meaning.

And if you want a really good reflection on that, might I recommend this from Robin McAlpine this morning? It's well worth your time.