The December Tax Justice Podcast

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In edition 84 of the December 2018 Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast/radio show, the Taxcast: time’s running out to tackle the climate crisis facing us all. We look at environmental taxes and making them fair, speaking to the authors of new report A Climate of Fairness: Environmental Taxation and Tax Justice in Developing Countries

Plus: we discuss the gilets jaunes in France, a movement that’s been widely reported as being anti-green taxes, but is in fact born from wider desperation for their ‘let them eat cake’ President Macron to reverse a series of policies that have worsened inequality in the country. We give Monsieur le President a lesson in how not to implement an environmental tax…


Tatiana Falcão and Jacqueline Cottrell, authors of the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation report A Climate of Fairness: Environmental Taxation and Tax Justice in Developing Countries (details below) and John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network. Produced and presented by Naomi Fowler, also of the Tax Justice Network.

this is a real economic, tax justice struggle…wherever I went [in France] I heard Macron being described as the plutocrat’s president”

~ John Christensen on the gilets jaunes in France

We have about 10, 12 years to really get the climate problem really under control and really start to bring down our emissions, I hope governments will start to shift towards this higher intervention again and to introducing a carbon price because the alternatives are much worse”

~ Jacqueline Cottrell