Be grateful: Dominic Raab is not running for prime minister this morning

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There are occasions to celebrate. This is one of them. Dominic Raab is not launching his campaign to be prime minister this morning. Surely, that's good enough news to at least cheer you a little?

The fact that May is weaker than ever is just one of those things. She might say it can't get worse now. Maybe, personally, it can't. She has won the right to go at a moment of her own choosing in the next twelve months. When she has so little to celebrate that must seem like a victory.

For the rest of us this senseless mess continues unabated and we still have no effective Opposition in the sense that, as yet, Labour still asks for things that it knows will not happen on the basis that this prevents their disagreements on what might happen becoming apparent.

Someone asked me yesterday why I had complained of being tired. Too much travel was the easy answer. But fatigue from observing too much failed political leadership is probably another cause. And I have little hope that Christmas will offer respite.

I cannot be alone in thinking ‘What did we do to end up here?'

No doubt May does too. But at least she knows she can quit at will now.

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