The UK fails to join the WTO and heads for limbo

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This report from Reuters seems to have attracted little follow in news coverage, and yet sums up all too well just what the state of Brexit preparation in the UK really is:

Britain signaled on Thursday that its attempt to seal terms for its post-Brexit membership of the World Trade Organization by a fast-track procedure had failed, and it must now enter negotiations which are likely to be lengthy.

This followed objections raised by a number of other WTO states, International Trade Minister Liam Fox said.

An attempt to get fast track entry by copying and pasting the EU’s terms of membership,  through which we have WTO access now, failed. The result is that we will be in limbo for years.

The resulting question is a simple one, but surely the most important. It is whether any government anyone can think of has pursued a policy so self-determinedly destructive than this one is? I cannot.