The future of money

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The Bank of England has recently published this announcement in association with the FT:

We’re pleased to launch the 2019 Bank of England and Financial Times school blog competition.

We’re inviting school and college students in the UK, who are aged between 16 and 19, to send us a blog of up to 500 words on this year’s theme: the future of money.

Entrants can write on any aspect of the future of money, but arguments should be backed up with sound reasoning and, if possible, relevant data.

I welcome this idea. I sincerely hope that they are flooded with MMT entries and not essays on Bitcoin.

But I also feel that the terms of reference are rather restricted. Some people with an interest in the future of money are not in the sixth form any more. If you wish to make an offering and have left school I am open to receiving your 500 words for possible publication here. The terms are that the work must be original, sources must be cited and the essay must offer an argument about the future of money. The issue is far too important to be left solely to the young.