The DisUnited Kingdom

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It's hard to be an optimist this morning.

The EU says the Brexit problem lies with the UK, as if that is news.

We know there is no Irish solution around which the Cabinet will unite.

We know May might lose ministers this week.

We know that might trigger her downfall.

And we know Cameron and Clegg ensured that does not mean we have an election but might end up with someone like David Davis as PM.

In the meantime, Northern Ireland has still got no government and yet the DUP holds the UK to ransom.

And Scotland, rightly, frets.

Whilst the people of the UK see their well-being at risk of collapse.

Despite which the Tories apparently have a poll lead.

Nothing makes sense.

We are a DisUnited Kingdom.

The chance that this can be resolved without getting much worse look to be remote.

I'd love to be an optimist. But right now I am not.