Who will win a second referendum given the way Leave will campaign?

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There is always a danger that you might get what you hope for. I mention the point because many on the left want there to be a second referendum on Brexit. Discussions I am having suggest that such a vote is becoming more likely. But the assumption is that Remain would win. My question is, would it?

First though, why this might happen? Let’s assume May fails to get the Chequers deal approved by Europe in November. The assumption is she will resign.

Who will replace her? Javid or Gove.

What will they do? Seek to renegotiate.

They will fail. Their backstop is a second referendum. They know they cannot do a general election. They would lose that.

The EU is used to second referendums. It will allow an Article 50 extension to allow for a vote.

And then what’s happens? The answer is that a massively well funded neo-fascist Exit campaign, which is already prepared, will slip into operation.

They know no lies are off limits now.

They know no funding limit breaches will be punished.

And they know Remain will play be the rules that they will completely ignore.

And who will win?

What do you think?