Fight ideas, not people

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I liked this from Robin McAlpine of Common Weal yesterday, although I do not agree entirely with all he said in the article it comes from:

I always thought that, in politics, you get more out of challenging ideas than you do from insulting people. For myself, I now think that its imperative that we change our ways. I'm always trying to change mine. The path we're on leads places I don't want to go, that you don't want to go.

It's not about weakness, timidity or fear of anything that isn't consensus. Be robust. Fight for what you believe and fight hard. But fight ideas, not people. People are fragile, ideas are resilient. They can take it, we can't.

After every war the future is created by the survivors. Who do you think will be the ultimate survivors of a hate-fest? And do you want the world they'll create?

That's worth remembering.