May might be as mad as the rest of her cabinet

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Simon Jenkins is a most irritating columnist, sometimes close to repugnant, and other times so sensible. And he writes well. Yesterday he was talking sense on Brexit:

As the forces of soft Brexit prepare for the end game, mad Brexit is what cabinet Brexiters are seeking to sanitise, at a staggering cost of a reported £3bn in administration alone. Raab is implying that all will be well with no deal, so long as private businesses tool up to carry the bureaucratic burden. Like Rees-Mogg, he believes they should bear the short-term cost as it is supposedly to the nation’s long-term advantage. It’s a dystopian, Blade Runner Brexit.

There was a case for Brexit to traumatise the politics of a hesitant and ill-led European community. There was no case to destroy the vitality of a common market that had served Britain well for decades. There is no other Brexit but soft. May must seize control of her party and lead it in that direction.

But just because it makes sense does not mean it will happen.

I happen to now think May is the best Tory prime minister we could have at present. That does not say a lot. And it does not mean that I think she will take control and force her party in the right direction. In fact, I have no such confidence at all. She may be as mad as the rest of them.