Finding the passion in life

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I will be one of hundreds of thousands of parents with a new sixth former this coming term. This morning we meet his new college to discuss and confirm options. As a parent I have to stand back: this has to be his choice.

But I can't resist some advice. And it is simple. I've told him to do what he wants. Planning for a world that is changing so fast does not make the greatest sense. Whatever he thinks he might be now will change. Whatever job he thinks of now will also change, or simply not exist in the future. But, with luck, if he studies something because he simply finds it interesting then that passion will not change.

At the end of the day I believe very strongly that we live in community, but that what we have to offer is intensely individual. Finding the balance between those two is essential in life, in our communities and in our politics. And that starts with education that has to be focused on the individual's pursuit of who they are, and not moulding them for a life of work.

It so happens that if the passion is released in education so will the real work they want to do be discovered. And that's what far too much so-called education has forgotten.