Normal times

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Officially I am on holiday this week. I don’t rate my chances of getting much time off. There is too much I want to do. Life is returning to ‘normal times’ after a long hot summer.

Except it is not, of course. If it was returning to normal, from the perspective from which I view it, then the policy agenda would be riding high as the party conference season looms. Climate, the economy, education, health, social care, housing, the failing benefits system, the lack of an industrial policy, a tax system that is not progressive, and the failures of the accountancy profession, would all be issues demanding space on agendas.

And we just have Brexit.

It’s not just the folly of Brexit in itself that annoys me - and it does that, by the bucket load. It’s the opportunity cost of it that deeply irritates as well.

Whilst May fiddles and the UK burns there are manifold issues that need to be addressed that are being ignored, by parliament, by the civil service and by society at large. We’ll also pay a price for that.

This year we’re not going back to normal times. We are going back to something very far from them. And that’s something we cannot afford.