When the best hope is rebuilding from the ruins of Brexit

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An advantage of living with teenagers is you get to talk to teenagers. By and large they get a bad press. Most I see are pretty decent people. I may be lucky.

One asked me recently what the chance of a second Brexit referendum was. I had to suggest it was well under half. I suggested a general election as more likely.

That, they opined, was a useless option. They could not vote Tory because the party was pro-Leave and hopelessly divided.

They could not vote Labour because it was pro-leave.

They liked the Greens but they were a wasted vote.

The Lib-Dems had helped sell the young out on education and were not to be forgiven.

And the SNP does not stand around here.

I should say UKIP did not appear in their analysis, which was interesting in itself.

So a question was posed: what were the young to do but despair of politicians and a political system that was failing them?

For once I had no direct answer. I could only say that in the outright mess we were all facing there must be some opportunity for them. I said their only hope was to look for it and start building afresh.

I hope this young person, and all they know, has the resilience to do just that. We will be dependent upon them doing so..