Modern politics misses all the big issues

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After a few days of fairly frantic blog activity, I trust I will be excused a quieter day, not least because work has got in the way, albeit most enjoyably.

Just a thought shared between those I was working with yesterday. We were at one point discussing the big issues politics should be addressing now. Like climate change. And the danger of monopolies and how the upward wealth redistribution they are creating is undermining our society. Or changes in the nature of work. And how we need to change much of what we think about the economy to let us move on to address the issues these matters give rise to.

And then we noted what current political debate is about. Brexit. Trump. Antisemitism. Boris Johnson.

Thses issues need to be addressed. But whilst they are we are ignoring the big issues that are going to really impact society. It’s as if issues were being created to prevent us looking at the crises we are going to have to face.

And that, we concluded, was a fair comment on the poverty of modern politics.