What will stop the Tories tearing the UK to pieces?

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I keep feeling as if things cannot get more surreal. And then they do.

We already have talk of food and medicine stockpiling in advance of Brexit.

And now there is, apparently, discussion of the army being prepared to keep order and distribute emergency supplies in the case of the no deal Brexit that some in the Cabinet want.

It takes a moment to recall that no one voted for this. We voted, in a rigged election, where abuse was rife and foreign interference almost certain, to leave the EU. We did not vote for hard Brexit. Nor did we vote to bring the country to a situation where measures only usually associated with war might be considered necessary.

But if we did not vote for this, who is, then, to blame for it? And for all that might happen, come to that?

Whatever the failings of other politicians (and by no means all are exonerated) the only organisation that can be blamed is the Conservative Party.

As Politics Home notes today, a plan to issue briefings on the consequences of Hard Brexit has been put on hold:

The proposal was reportedly killed off by a senior official in the Brexit department this week, amid fears that it could spook voters.

A source told the [Sunday Times]: "People will sh*t themselves and think they want a new referendum or an election or think the Tory party shouldn’t govern again.

"MPs are saying: ‘If this is done badly, it could hurt us like sleaze did in the 1990s'."

Just consider that for a minute. All the source worried about was a) the impact on the Tories and b) the prospect of retaining power. That there was a real issue of concern seems to have passed them by.

And that is why the Tories are to blame.

But still they carry on wrecking the country in the interests of their puerile internecine squabbling.

I despair.

I even wonder if actual civil war would now stop them. I am beginning to doubt it.