It’s time HMRC joined tax reformers in recognising the changes needed to tackle the tax gap

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The very fact that videos like this can be and are made is some indication of the change in tax culture over the last decade.

Of course I am biased: I am a director of the Fair Tax Mark.

What I wish there could be is a change in attitude towards tax abuse at HMRC.

There can be little doubt that HMRC's work on the tax gap was prepared in response to the work of Richard Brooks and myself on tax gaps from about 2006 onwards. But they have remained stuck in a time warp of denial as to the extent and nature of the problem ever since they began work on the issue, obsessively defending their work rather than seeking to reflect the scale of the issue they are facing and its changing nature.

I think that's a shame. We need HMRC to face up to this issue. It's time it did. The rest of us have come a long way. It's time they joined us on that journey.

It would help if they started talking to those creating change. Instead they remain in denial.