A monumental week for Britain and is politics

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I try not to overstate things. I am aware that some might not agree with that claim, but I genuinely try to keep things in proportion; or at least, in the proportion that I see them in.

That said,  tomorrow is one heck of a day for the future of the UK. The government is,  in an action that shows their complete contempt for the democratic process,  bringing all 15 of the House of Lords amendments to the bill paving the way for Brexit from the European Union to the Commons in a single day.  In the process they do four things.

First, they deliberately limit debate on the most important issues in UK politics at present.  So much for ' bringing back control'.

Second,  as those with things to say get more and more frustrated as the day progresses (and that is inevitable) the government will increasingly lose goodwill, so the chance of winning its votes.

Third, if the government does lose votes then the future direction of Brexit, and indeed the government itself, is open to question.

And, of course, they could win. Which means it is likely we will Brexit, and quite possibly hard Brexit. And as we now know, that will cause untold harm to the UK for generations to come.

None of that overstates anything: whatever happens this week is monumental for Britain.