Doing something right

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The Tories have launched a new think tank, called 'Onwards'. They have featured in an interview in The New Statesman.

My first reaction was to wonder what they were marching towards apart from oblivion.

My second reaction was amusement. When the think-tank's creator, MP Neil O'Brien, was asked about Labour The New Statesman reports :

How did he respond to opinion polls showing widespread support for Labour policies such as the renationalisation of the privatised utilities? “You’re promising loads of free stuff to people, of course it’s popular!” O’Brien said.

And then noted:

But did Labour’s 2017 manifesto not owe more to social democracy than Marxism? “It’s not in the social democratic mainstream to borrow £250bn through people’s quantitative easing — it’s totally crackers,” O’Brien said, referencing Corbyn’s 2015 proposal for banks to print money to finance state investment.

The New Statesman then pointed out that:

The £250bn, it should be noted, would be spread over a decade and Labour does not currently support people’s QE.

It could, of course, have added that the Tories had done substantially more QE to support banks.

But let me just note that I still seem to have contributed the Labour policy the Tories most dislike. That's got to be considered doing something right.