What hasn’t the government done because of Brexit?

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Imagine June 23 2016 had come and gone with a Remain vote. What could the government have done with all the energy that has been utterly wasted on shredding the economic hopes of this country since then?

Might we have worked out how to get the structure and organisation of the NHS right once and for all, because we clearly have not?

What would have happened if more attention had been given to the economy?

Or making sure banking was finally put on a sound footing that did not put the country at peril?

Would it have been possible to make the Green Investment Bank work rather than sell it off?

Might housing have had the attention it deserved?

Could we have worked out how to use migration powers we have to best effect?

And come to that, might we have also used our existing rights to intervene in failed rail franchises as we are clearly entitled to do?

What if the government had decided to embrace accounting for a whole range of social goals? We have already seen what reporting gender pay gaps can do. What else might have been possible?

Come to that, could auditing have been split for accounting, by law?

And maybe company law might have been reformed so that shareholders do not think they can always come first.

What if the environment had been taken seriously?

Might devolved tax powers have been done properly?

Plus could we have created regional development banking to build on the power of QE to raise money for social purposes other than bailing out banks themselves?

Add your own passions, of course, to taste, as desired. These are just my random thoughts. But my point is, what is the opportunity cost of Brexit to this country? It strikes me that it is enormous.