Senior time

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There are days destined to be memorable in life. For me this is one. Today I qualified to buy a senior citizen’s railcard. Neither my twin or I felt we were given sufficient notice of the arrival of this memorable occasion but it crept up on us, nonetheless.

What’s the consequence, apart from the fact that I can now travel more cheaply than before? As far as I can see there are none, barring the subliminal message that I am now older.

Several companies have, however, mailed me with products that they thought appropriate for my new status. I might have to tell them that I am not in the market for a beige blouson as yet.

Nor am I in any way anticipating retirement, and not just because of finances. I simply feel that there is far too much to do: I want to get at least another decade of full time work in before even contemplating slowing down.

But if I can travel slightly more cheaply now - and I do more travel by train than any other way - then today is a good news day, and memorable indeed, even if there appears to be no rationale to being granted the benefit.

PS Comment moderation today will be very sporadic today. I am celebrating the day by attending a meeting of the Global Reporting Initiative on country-by-country reporting in Leiden in the Netherlands. Never let it be said I don’t know how to have a good time. It’s head down accounting all day.