Are there alternative courses of action available?

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Most mornings I wake up and it is obvious what I think it important to write about. Not so today. What I get from this morning’s news is a wall of noise.

There is an ongoing media frenzy about Russia, which Russia now says helped propel Putin to re-election yesterday.

There is stress over Facebook and its involvement in the undermining of democracy.

And there is stress over Trump’s trade policy.

I would remind you that there’s still Brexit going on as well.

It’s hard not to think that physical, ideological, economic and self-destructive warfare aren’t being waged simultaneously.

I would then just like to ask for a moment of calm. It would be easy to turn up the rhetoric on all this. Many are. But there are moments when the exact opposite is required.

When it is right to seek the facts.

When it is appropriate to take a deep breath and say ‘what can be done’ rather than ‘who is to blame’, not least because if there is nothing that can be done then apportioning blame is only an exercise in stress creation.

And when it’s worth asking what are the issues worth fighting and to consider whether there are better ways of resolving conflict than those that are currently being presented.

The current situation is dangerous, and with so many simultaneous variables on the table hard to predict as to outcome.

My question is, then, what can be done to lessen that danger?

Where are the talks possible?

Where are the better regulators?

Could trade be better organised?

Is agreement with our neighbours the wisest course of action?

It’s my suspicion that these alternatives exist. I am hoping there may be wise heads that are still looking for them.