Update re the MMT questions

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The response to my call for questions on modern monetary theory (MMT) has been pretty big. There are 149 right now, and I suspect there will be more.

Warren Mosler, who has agreed to answer the questions, and I exchanged mails on the next steps yesterday.

The plan is threefold. First, I will assemble the questions into what looks like a logical order so that the whole issue of MMT can be worked through.

Then Warren will respond over time to those questions, and the responses will be published in either batches, or singly, as appropriate.

Third, this is bound to be an iterative process and so questions will be updated as we go along, especially on matters surrounding practical interpretation of MMT as it might be applied in the real economy.

Finally, if the whole thing pans out into something useful an overall summary of the exchanges might be produced. But that is a long way off, as yet.

In the meantime feel free to keep asking questions, but be aware that because of the sheer volume of them it might take a while to reach the one you asked. I offer apologies in advance, but if this is worth doing then let's do it as well as we can.