Why is our government is so keen to turn a blind eye to financial crime?

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I recommend watching this edition of Panorama, broadcast last night.

It looks at those abusing UK bankruptcy law.

It notes how easy it is for fraudsters to form companies - even from within prison.

And it notes the lameness of the government's excuse. I quote the concluding comments of the programme

 My investigation has revealed a bankruptcy system fraught with problems.  A lack of resources; regulation, a  lack of monitoring  and robust punitive measures.

The government is quick to say that business is key to a healthy economy

But allowing the unscrupulous to flourish puts that at risk.

I noted in another post this morning:

The UK government really is intent on promoting opportunity for money launderers and those committing related crimes, such as tax evasion.

I asked:

Why is that?

What is it that the government thinks to be to the advantage of the UK when doing so?

That’s a question in need of an answer.

The very same questions could be asked as a consequence of the conclusions drawn by the Panorama programme.

We need to know, why is our government is so keen to turn a blind eye to crime?