The 2018 quiz of the year

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I am not sure I have the energy to do a review of 2017. Let's just say May blew it, with Trump running her a close second. Does much else need to be added?

So what of 2018? I know no better than you. But here are some questions about the year to come, reflecting a somewhat personal viewpoint on some issues. There are doubtless other, better ones, that will occur to you.

1 Will Trump push the big red button in 2018? And will the military obey him if he does?

2 Will the Tories finally lose their credibility?

3 Will the Tories survive as a party?

4 Will Labour offer a meaningful Brexit strategy?

5 Will the honours system survive Nick Clegg?

6 Oh, Jeremy Corbyn?

7 Is this the year people will realise there is a Magic Money Tree, after all?

8 How many countries will be left in the UK?

9 How many of the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories will be listed as tax havens by the EU?

10 Which public service will finally crack under the strain of austerity?

11 Will a UK local authority declare itself unable to deliver the services demanded of it by law rather than impose more cuts in social care?

12 Will Scotland embrace its ability to tax?

13 If it becomes clear that Brexit is for one day, if at all, and certainly not for 2019, where will people turn politically?

14 Will Farage return?

15 How many peers will the Tories create in an attempt to get their legislation passed?

16 Will the civil service throw in the towel if Hard Brexit looks likely?

17 How many unnecessary deaths will there be as the NHS fails to recruit the staff it needs?

18 What chance peace in Northern Ireland?

19 Will the English far right turn to guerrilla tactics in the face of soft Brexit?

20 A wedding and? There’s got to be more than Markle, so what other events will shape the year and distract the media?

21 Will we finally get public country-by-country reporting?

22 How many cases will Jo Maugham win?

23 Will Uber declare bankruptcy in the face of its VAT bills now owing?

24 HMRC will announce that the tax gap is £34bn in October (+ or - £2 billion, that’s the only thing that can be predicted with certainty)

25 Will the accountancy institutes finally realise that accounts are for more than shareholders?

26 When will stock markets crash?

27 Will corporate America pass on their tax savings as pay rises? And to whom?

28 Will tech company money in Bermuda go home to the USA? Or is any tax bill enough to prevent that?

29 Is the Double Irish off the menu?

30 Will Ipswich Town maintain their record a# the longest running team in the Championship? (No need to answer that: the answer is ‘yes’)