Normalish service

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Officially I am on Christmas holiday from now until new year. I have an employer who has told me so, and pays me nonetheless. I thank all those who campaigned for paid holidays in times past and worry about the post-Brexit future when saying that.

Since this blog is, however, unrelated to my employment in that it’s done in my time, that fact need not interrupt service. And it won’t, except when I want it to do so. Like today when the first family visit of Christmas takes place to the relative who is a doctor and is on duty for the following few days (for which I can only say ‘thank you’).

So please play along with me if there are periods of absence. I need a break. Since the beginning of October I think I’ve stayed in ten hotels in six countries, worked on four academic papers, had a book chapter or two published and thankfully made real progress on many issues to make the effort worthwhile. I never stop thinking, so I will blog. But I may need a festive snooze, walk and conversation as well.

I am hoping you get the chance for them as well,.